Our Costumes

Yavir prides itself on its impressive collection of costumes

Costume room Costumes spanning the regions of Zakarpattia, Hutsulschyna, Bukovyna, Podillia, Polissia, Central Ukraine and others, that provide the dancers with an opportunity to be a part of a rich variety of regional dances. The following are rules for costume usage at Yavir.

  1. A refundable security deposit is required at time of registration.
  2. Costumes are provided to dancers once cheque is on file.
  3. All costumes are property of Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance and must be returned on plastic hangers in excellent condition after each performance.
  4. Air out costumes after concerts to avoid mould damage. DO NOT wash or dry clean costumes. Place it in the costume bag provided once the costume is dry.
  5. Costumes are to be returned after every performance.

Please note that dancers may be charged replacement fees for costumes that are damaged by carelessness.