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Your Invitation to Join Our Ensemble

Yavir Ensemble welcomes new dancers to its performing group

When I'm up on stage performing Ukrainian dance, I think of my ancestors and how hard they worked to contribute to Canadian society. I want to carry on the tradition in their memory!" ...Yavir Dancer

Dancers 16 and up are encouraged to join. Rehearsals are weekly on Monday evenings with extra rehearsals before performances and tours.

The focus of the Yavir Ensemble is to nurture its members to demonstrate and experience their ancestral heritage through Ukrainian dance, culture and tradition. The ensemble trains its members using ballet, character, and Ukrainian dance technique methods that create an ensemble that infuses a unique style and energy on stage. This energy has given the Yavir Ensemble a reputation of professionalism. Their style is characterized by the genuine love of Ukrainian dance and culture that each dancer shares.

Since 1962, the school has trained thousands of Ukrainian-Canadian dancers who have performed with the Yavir Ensemble both near - in Etobicoke and Toronto, and far - in Ukraine, Belgium, Mexico, U.S.A., and across Canada. Be a part of Yavir's rich history. Join us on our next journey to spread the joy and passion of Ukrainian Dance!