Welcome to Tamara Tatuch and farewell to Krista Samborsky!

See our full the the 49th Annual Yavir Concert on YouTube! Yavir welcomes our new Artistic Director Tamara Tatuch and bids a sad farewell to Krista Samborsky! After three years at the helm, Krista will be pursuing her Masters Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling at Columbia College in Chicago. It is a tribute to Yavir that its last two leaders have gone on to pursue dance at the graduate level, and a testament to their passion for dance largely fuelled by their work with Yavir. Krista was instrumental in the selection of Tamara Tatuch as our new Artistic Director. Tamara has recently arrived from Edmonton where she worked as an Artistic Director/Choreographer with Dunai & Verkhovyna Dance Ensembles as well as Volya School of Dance. Tamara has over 22 years of experience teaching Ukrainian, Ballet and Character styles and has an extensive knowledge in costuming, music and folklore. She has trained in many ballet schools and dance ensembles in Canada and Ukraine. Tamara has tour performance and workshop training experience, and was the Executive Director for the Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association for several years. Tamara also arranges tours to Ukraine for folk dance and musical ensembles. Please introduce yourself and welcome her to our school while wishing Krista lots of success in her studies in Chicago!