Varenyky Night Fundraiser

Chop chop chop, sizzle sizzle sizzle, scrape scrape scrape, chop chop chop, sizzle sizzle sizzle scrape scrape scrape boil boil boil, plop plop plop, pshhh. Pshhhh pshhh- "2 orders of varenyky, please” - chew chew chew ahhhh hmmmmmm". This was the sound of the St.Demetrius kitchen and hall last Saturday evening as many dozens of varenyky, kapusta ( sauerkraut), kovbasky (sausages), borscht, garlic bread and delicious desserts were prepared and served to hundreds of hungry and salivating members of our community!
There were many dancers and their families rotating in and out of the kitchen all day aiding in the preparation for and execution of this varenyky night! Some even sacrificed and devoted their whole day to the preparations! ( thank you to Adrian and his father/family). Others had "fun" fishing plastic pails out of garbage dumpsters. 😉 Thanks to all who made or obtained a donation for this event- we applaud your support of "Yavir"!! The evening was filled with laughter, music and fun by all! Perhaps my niece's comment on Sunday after church best summarizes the event: "Yesterday night was A LOT of FUN!".
Although this fundraiser brought in over $1000 (towards our Disney trip in August), what is most impressive is the comradery and friendships these events foster! Congratulations to each and everyone one of you for your contribution and to the success of another fantastic Yavir event! 3 cheers for varenyky!!!