Spring Newsletter

What a wonderful year! One of the most interesting and successful dance seasons in Yavir history!

With more than 20 performances, fundraisers and other successful events, the 2015/16 dance season will go into Yavir’s history and our memory as one of the most exciting seasons so far. Congratulations to all our dancers and especially those who made us all proud with their performances at the Youth Festival of Ukrainian Dance. Thank you to the multitude of volunteers who continue to work tirelessly helping Yavir shine among our Ukrainian community. A most gracious thank you for the dedication of our Parent Committee for organizing unforgettable events and being at the forefront of success in the Disney Fundraising. Hail to Yavir’s great team of instructors, Artistic Director Tamara and admin Adrian!

Please take a moment to read the brief outline of important upcoming events:

  • E-Registration for a new season will be available soon. Check your e-mail for details.
  • Those who have not volunteered yet and do not want to lose their Costume deposit, please, check a list of upcoming events and sign in to volunteer.
  • Renewing the long tradition: come celebrate the end of the 2015/2016 dance season at the Year-end Zabava on Fri, 3 Jun 2016. Welcome to all Yavir families and friends! Starting with varenyky at 7:30pm, 8:30 pm movie for kids, 9:00 pm DJ music and dances until midnight!
  • Attention Disney travelers! Mandatory attendance is required at one of 2 meetings set for 6pm either June 7th or 9th at the Yavir Studio. All families travelling to Disney must attend one of the meetings. Check April and May Disney letters for details.
  • Those dancers who go to Disney, please, make sure that you attend Disney Rehearsals planned for June 7, 8, 9, 12 & Aug 18.

Yavir Fundraisers 2016

Florida Trip

Walt Disney World Fundraiser
113 people are going to
Walt Disney World August 22-27, 2016

58 dancers perform on Aug 23!

Dates to remember

Please, ensure all Disney travelers have a valid passport, US travel health insurance and consent letter for all under 19. All Disney travelers have to bring copies of the above documents to the Yavir office ASAP!