Busy Performance Schedule for 2006

Yavir Ukrainian Dance Ensemble welcomes new dancers and is excited about its busy performance schedule in 2006.

Artistic Director, Paul Olijnyk, revealed details of his plans for the 2005/6 season. For both the ensembles and the school, his signature thematic pieces will augment folkloric choreography. "I want to ensure the dancers have fun while they experience our culture," he said. "Thematic pieces provide the opportunity for dancers to show off not only their technical advancements, but also to develop their dramatic capabilities. This will help them in other aspects of their future careers and lives."

Mr. Olijnyk spent part of the summer of 2005 studying dance at the Institute of Culture and Art in Kyiv under Professor S.L. Zubatov, and at the Studio Virsky. He will share his newest learnings with the dancers of the ensembles and the school over the season.

Other highlights of the 2005/6 season will include guest artists and choreographers, and a variety of performance opportunities for the ensembles.

Yavir Ensemble performed at the Bloor West Ukrainian Festival in Toronto on August 28, 2005 featuring Yavir women in Hutsulka and Yavir men in the renowned Tambourine Dance. This performance kicks off the exciting 2005/2006 season at the Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance.

Yavir Ukrainian Dance Ensemble