2017 Bloor Street West Ukrainian Festival

Last week-end Yavir was proudly represented in the 21st annual Bloor Street Ukrainian Festival by many young dancers and families. Some walked, some rode on a float generously provided by St. Demetrius Church - but ALL had a fabulous time chanting: Y A V I R - Yavir is the best by far!
Later Yavir Ensemble had an honor of presenting Pryvit dance at the opening ceremonies; and our dancers Anna Prokopenko and Teodor Iwanusiw proudly represented Yavir by assisting in the ribbon cutting ceremony held on the Northland Power stage.
Finally, Yavir dazzled the audience in the afternoon with 2 beautiful dances!

Please, check Yavir’s photo and video galleries for dozens of photos and video from Bloor Parade and concern.