YAVIR shines at the Living Arts Centre

WOW! What a show!
Incredible performances, lively music and beautiful costumes. A true representation of the beauty and power of Ukrainian Dance.
All our dancers made us proud as the months of preparation and extra practices culminated in wonderful performances.
A special thanks goes out to those dancers that performed in the joint Pryvit and Virsky’s Hopak. These two dances made this festival truly memorable. I am so proud of your commitment and effort in learning new choreography and performing it as well as you did. It was truly exciting to watch you on stage.
All our dancers showed great poise and friendly manner when dealing with dancers and Instructors from other schools. Yavir will forever be known as the friendly and open school.

We invite dancers & parents to enjoy the power and passion of our dancers by viewing their best shots from the show at:
Pryvit (Karpaty) Polka (Viterets) Volyn (Yavir) Hopachok (Karpaty) Zakarpattia (Karpaty) Hopak (Yavir)
We are very grateful to big supporters of Ukrainian dance - photographers Anna Sudyk and Slawko Sekunda for providing us with their photos.  Please, click on Photo Page (password: barvinok) of Anna Sudyk to review hundreds of impressive photos she made during the festival.

Our performance would not be what it was with the work and commitment to those people who work tirelessly behind the scenes. They do so with little fanfare. Thank you to the costuming team lead by the incredible Julia Popowycz with her invaluable helpers Adrian Rotko and Nadia Husejko. These dedicated individuals made our children look beautiful and were up to well past midnight making sure our costumes were back safe and sound at the Yavir Studio.
Thank you to Olena Rotko and Oksana Luczkiw and the rest of the Yavir Dancers who helped our younger dancers with their costume changes.
Thanks to our runner extraordinaire Evhen Pawluk who always gets everyone on stage calmly and confidently.
A very special thanks you to Amanda Maternicki for her dedication and work as a leading member on the Festival Committee. The hours of work paid off and the proof is in the success of the event.
I would also like to mention the efforts of all our instructors who worked diligently to prepare your students for this performance. ( Slawko Sekunda, Anna Prokopenko, Matei Leshchyshen and Nadia Husejko)
Thanks you as always to our parent committee and parents for supporting and cheering us on!