Carolling 2015/16

Christ is born!
This year, for the first time in many years, Yavir has had an opportunity to revive the beautiful Ukrainian Christmas tradition of carolling. We have had requests from many to visit their homes and rejoice with their families during the festive season. We have been humbled by people's responses and hospitality upon visiting their homes. Many people have missed this tradition - even some four-legged friends welcomed our dancers/carollers with cheer and affection! Thus far, we have visited 11 homes and have more lined up for the second round of carolling in and around January 6/7th, 2016. The dancers have truly enjoyed themselves and are strengthening their connection to their Ukrainian heritage (while enjoying cookies and sweets! )
If you are interested in a visit from our enthusiastic carollers, please feel free to contact Irene Foga (parent co-ordinator) at 416 253 4175.