YAVIR shines at the Living Arts Centre

WOW! What a show! Incredible performances, lively music and beautiful costumes. A true representation of the beauty and power of Ukrainian Dance. All our dancers made us proud as the months of preparation and extra practices culminated in wonderful performances. A special thanks goes out to those dancers that performed in the joint Pryvit and […]

Varenyky Night Fundraiser

Chop chop chop, sizzle sizzle sizzle, scrape scrape scrape, chop chop chop, sizzle sizzle sizzle scrape scrape scrape boil boil boil, plop plop plop, pshhh. Pshhhh pshhh- “2 orders of varenyky, please” – chew chew chew ahhhh hmmmmmm”. This was the sound of the St.Demetrius kitchen and hall last Saturday evening as many dozens of […]